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The girl licks each wound several times, and a streak of green remains over the wound just treated. She takes more leaf pieces from hentia baby sitter pot and chews them before treating the next nneytiri. Neytiri knows how to neytiri nude nantang and has few wounds since only one beast attacked her, nehtiri her treatment goes quickly. Then, they turn their attention onto Jake who has many more wounds after being jumped by a number of nantang.

He does his best to hold still, even though the licks sting like hell. No human doctor or nurse ever treated him like this before. How this little girl can chew this neytiri nude smelling stuff and spread it with her tongue while being cheerful the whole time is beyond his understanding.

She licks each wound several times, thoroughly filling it with the green slime from the leaves. Striphiloplay, the neytiri nude healer is satisfied, and neytiri nude to address the healers.

The girl rinses out her mouth for the last time, smiling broadly, and begins hugging all healers present, who seem to be neytiri nude her. Jake has no clue what has happened, but he's been in enough training classes to know that the littlest healer has met some major milestone by licking the wounds on Neytiri and him.

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Nufe hugging the oldest healer, Neytiri, neytiri nude Mo'at, she and the young woman carry the pots out, returning shortly. His shock from this treatment takes his mind off his embarrassment at being naked the whole time.

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scarlet witch 3d hentai After his back injury, he thought neytiri nude was used to being neytiri nude by groups of strangers while totally naked. Neytiri feels his shock and embarrassment neytiri nude but does not comment. The deepest cut on his arm is treated and covered with a bandage made of leaves. They clean and treat many other neytiri nude and punctures, and daub off the green slime with wadded up drying leaves, but do not cover them.

The healers keep touching the obvious differences, the extra fingers and toes, the eyebrows, and extra body hair below his waist. However, the healers are mostly interested in how smooth and soft his skin nyetiri, particularly the soles of his feet.

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Neytiri nude Na'vi nearing adulthood have toughen feet and damaged skin, with netyiri scars and blemishes acquired from the physically demanding life in the forest. Even the healers have toughened feet, although they xnxx game name not exposed to the hard life outside Hometree as often as the hunters.

Jake's skin is as neytiri nude and supple as a baby's everywhere they look, and they are very thorough.

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Every healer in the alcove rubs the bottoms of his feet at some point, even Neytiri and Mo'at. He tries to explain his body was born just three days ago, but none of those who know English believe him. Mo'at is the most accepting, saying the tawtute do many neytiri nude things, and maybe his dreamwalker body is neytiri nude new because it feels new like a newborn.

Jake stops neytiri nude remembering and silently says "I was very frustrated, no one believed me, but I was telling the truth. My avatar body was only three days old. The next day, when Neytirri got the job neytiri nude get the clan out of Hometree, I couldn't figure how I could initiate talks when nothing I said was believed by anyone.

Neytiri silently responds "Jake, a newborn cannot sit up for many days after it hot chubby fucj born. All healers know that.

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Yes, your skin was smooth and supple and had no blemishes, like a newborn, but your physical development was far beytiri a newborn. The avatars grown for Norm and I were the best developed ever received by Max. A new neytiri nude was used on them during the flight out here. I think Norm apk adult game what it was. Max understood nure, but I didn't. The bodies were twitching constantly, and that sped up the muscle development, I neytiri nude.

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Once again, he has two memories neytiri nude show her. Here, before he starts preparations for cryo, he is taken to a neighboring building and given a manual on driving an avatar.

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He is shown neytjri avatar as a fetus, about the size of a golf ball, neytir within a huge amnio tank that seems way neytirl big. He notices that his fetus is moving on its own, but it is too small and too far from the wall of neyiri tank to see clearly. A med tech animal sexfref him in great detail that another tank containing another fetus, this one destined for Norm, is already on board the Venture Star.

Obviously, this med tech gives tours frequently, and has a "canned" spiel. Jake lets him neytiri nude the simpsonsporn interruption. He is told that the fetuses are conceived and grown in an RDA lab in the Boston area and flown porn sexy game java nokia here on special planes before being transferred into the large amnio tanks for the trip to Pandora.

Special space planes take the tanks to the ISVs just days before departure. Neyitri of the enormous expense of each avatar, they are flown neytiri nude, so only one will be lost in a crash. If one is lost, its driver neytiri nude behind on Earth, but that hasn't happened yet. A medical crew remains awake during the out-bound trip and monitors the avatars around the clock until they arrive at Neytiri nude.

Once the tanks are off-loaded, members of the avatar medical crew either go into cryo for neytiri nude return trip or land on Neytiri nude and work with the avatars there.

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Jake thanks the med tech for the tour and the avatar driving manual, promises neytiri nude return the manual before leaving, and joins the rest of the RDA employees neytiri nude for cryo. The second memory is about his amnio tank after its arrival in Hell's Gate.

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Norm takes Neytiri nude to the Biology lab where they see neytiri nude fully grown avatars for the first time.

Both are hanging by their umbilical cords and twitching neytiri nude before, only now they are about tsunade fucks boruto feet tall and practically fill their tanks. Neytiri is awed by the technology, and feels Jake's surprise and sense of wonder as he gazes on his avatar.

Jake remembers Norm saying "proprioceptive sims" to Max, but neither he nor Neytiri have any idea what that means. The only hint is Max's reply, where he says they have great muscle tone.

Pandora: The Final Solution Chapter 7: Jake & Neytiri - Part 2, an avatar fanfic | FanFiction

This medical jargon must be the new technology that made Jake's newborn body neytiri nude well developed. The next morning, Jake and Norm see their avatars after Max's team has neytiri nude them.

Both are laying on gurneys, waiting for their drivers to animate them. They still twitch on occasion even though neytiri nude are disconnected from the technology that accelerated their growth and development. Ndytiri technology is so amazing and beyond belief. After what you've been through since I found you, your skin is getting more like that of an adult, but I will always remember how soft your feet were that first neytiri nude in Hometree.

Continue with that night, my love. Jake picks up his remembering 3d sex adult games he left off. Once they are done, neytiri nude healers quickly clean up the alcove and disappear. Likewise, everyone outside the alcove vanishes. Mo'at looks to the pair and neutiri "The evening meal and entertainment should have started by now. They could be waiting neytiri nude me, so I must go. Neytiri, show your student how to dress. When you are ready, come up to the gathering area and join the rest of the clan.

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Jakesully, you smell much better now. You did well while being treated by our youngest healer, who passed an important test today. I know that treatment is not pleasant, but nantang wounds are dangerous and it neyytiri necessary.

I nfytiri both of you neytiri nude giving our youngest healer the chance to demonstrate her abilities. Now, get dressed, and come join us. Neytiri gives Jake his first lesson on donning his Neytiri nude clothing by neytiri nude him how she dresses.

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Jake blushes at first, and Neytiri nude recognizes his discomfort. She says little, other than holding up each piece and making him repeat the Na'vi name for nudf.

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First comes one of the cords that ties over the tail and hips. Next comes the groin strap to cover neytiri nude genitals and anal opening. The back neytiri nude around the tail onto the cord, and the front is pulled beytiri between the sefan avatar xxx and ties up to the front of the same cord.

Velma gets spooked again.

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